They could move you from FaceTime for failing to do it


One type of security found recently in FaceTime Apple video video application allows the user to listen and even see their iPhone speaker before he even answered, Building problems about the system's confidentiality.

The bugs, which were first identified on the Apple Products website, were also featured in several media.

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A video posted on Twitter account @BmManski is & # 39; show how easy you can hear the audio from an iPhone connected through FaceTime. On Monday night, we looked at her; video over a million times and was divided around 10,000 times in California.

Twitter users in the social network explained how they set FaceTime away so that correction is given.

Apple's support page states that the FaceTime group is "temporarily funded" from 7:16 pm (03h16 GMT) due to a "problematic" problem that is not assigned.

Apple's announcement, which has been announced in the US media, ensures that the iPhone's manufacturing device is aware of the problem and has identified a "removal that will be included in the update on its # 39; Software over the week. "

According to videos posted on Twitter, when a phone number is placed in FaceTime, they can select a screen for added convenience options. This group will even enter even though the convener has not yet responded.

Delete FaceTime for now, to correct it. Apple advised that Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, was a post posted on the social network.

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