They create an insulin pill that is a? stick to the stomach


The snacks are uncomfortable or uncomfortable. They usually do not like people and this can delay insulin treatment in a diabetic patient. But the problems may come to an end, from scientists to develop from the Massachusetts Technological Institute (USA) an insulin pipe; eliminate the need to throw.

It is a small machine that has been made with stainless steel and other complex materials. At its base, a sugar-based sequence, when it reaches the stomach, is fused and fired; shows an insulin needle, which is thrown into the organ wall. It will only cause the stomach to be vacant, to make the job easier. Once it is achieved, it will be naturally removed.

But how do you get it to fall into the right place? The pill is designed in a way that keeps its base always, even if the person moves. The ability to swing from nature: a leopard insect has a specific rod that allows them to stop again after falling back. This is not the first time that animals are an incentive: dh & # 39; we tell you that a group of scientists have already pushed a pill designed as a fish pony to look after ulcer and tummy in the stomach.

"We created a device that is capable of being driven in millions, ensuring that the end of the in-house has been directly connected to the device," said Giovanni Traverso, director author of the article published in Science science magazine, El Mundo newspaper.

For this moment, the capsule – known as SOMA – was successfully tested in pigs. In three of them, they saw insulin levels in blood similar to those kept by traditional conversion. In any case, the experts warned that further investigations are still essential, although they believe there is a potential to & # 39; Help not only patients with diabetes but with other diseases.

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