They created a cancer-based test in 10 minutes


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are about nine million people who die with cancer every year in the world, many of these issues as a result of a ' find it again and so reduce the amount of time to fight and to; managed to overcome its & # 39; cells

Now from Australia, scientists from the University of Queensland, a test that can help to detect cancer cells and his / her. make an early beginnings in just 10 minutes.

The machine, which is still in the early stages of development, can not identify the particular type of cancer present or a degree of the problem of the illness, but it is committed to testing it; For any type of cancer that produces the product in a very short time.

In the study published in the Nature Communications magazine, researchers found that there were differences in cancer cells, especially those that are and are not damaged.

This is possible because there is a DNA with human cells that make changes that are; occurs through the methylation process and wherever the experts find that genomic information of cancer cells is different from the healthy cells.

The pieces of cancer DNA are surrounded by water in a three-dimensional shape. On this basis, the researchers expanded a test based on both specific DNA behaviors and unpredictable species: gold fragments.

In order to assess cancer, the DNA discharged the water into water containing water nanoparticles into pink beard. When the DNA of the cancer cells varied with the water, it was still pink. But when DNA was added from healthy cells, it created a different shape of the blue water grains. That is: pink, cancer; blue, without cancer.

This technology, then, can make critical examinations more accessible and faster by avoiding the need for aggressive biopsies. According to Matt Cou, one of the people in charge of the investigation explains:

Certainly, we still do not know if the sacred grace is to diagnose each cancer. But it seems to be interesting as a simple cancer signal, and as an accessible device and technology that does not require complex template equipment such as DNA ordering.

The test was performed with 103 human DNA samples, with 72 of them having cancer and 31 were healthy. Around the test has an awareness of around 90%, which means it is possible to find around 90 out of 100 cases. Although the 10% might be false fraudulent.

This procedure will not yet be available in hospitals and medical centers in the coming months, but it must be said that it is an interesting cause of cancer detection early. As soon as possible, it is easy to access for remote areas where they do not have enough equipment to make the judgments and, indeed, so that the doctors get the advanced results again in the more detailed research.

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