They cut state aid for a group like a "rock socket".


CRITICAL: Young -ft Left-director Sondre Hansmark. Photo: Ruud, Vidar / NTB scanpix

Sondre Hansmark believes that those who are marking World Day for the United Nations Nations on the United Nations campaign with the Rockesock initiative are helping to reveal the whole group against genetics.

World Day for Syndrome is celebrated on 21 March each year to increase the experience of assessment and support its constituents.

– The problem is that DA day is often marked by #Rockesock. It must be remembered that it is a campaign from Menneskeverd, a completely conservation basis against generation and to the innovations in biotechnology law which says Sondre Hansmark to VG.

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Since 2017, people's honor on the day has been celebrated by encouraging a picture of creative composers, shown under the earrings of #Rockesock, to show that everyone is different.

The website takes you directly to the Humanities sites. But a campaign has been adopted by a number of international organizations in Norway.

– When politicians and ministers shout different socks and figure out, they help to save the organization. But I don't think people are aware of what they are supporting.

Grande put out the sculpture

The retired director, Sinei Grande, has cast out her drawings of different stockings on Facebook.

– What do you think about that?

– There are two lighting settings: it does not respect human respect or write Rockesokk. I'm not sure if she is aware of the commitment to dignity, but we've spoken to the group at Left earlier, and agree that it should not receive state support, it says. .

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Other than content

– I would like to point out that people are supposed to mark this day and to be grateful to people with Down, but here it is unlucky for the duty of the man to do. We are aware of it.

The political adviser to her grandfather Mona Lindseth writes in an e-mail to VG that the Facebook update for Grande is a sign of patience, diversity and recognition of the day of the DA.

– She notes that there has been debate previously about their wonder and election in Norway, but she has supported and updated a Network for Syndrome Down as in previous years. . It is also part of an international campaign.

PART: Skei Grande's fire to the left. Photo: Therese Alice Sanne

We will derive all the support

NOK is subsidized by 1.5 million people over the state budget. Hansmark wants the support to be cut.

– This support only goes to the unfair moral message and biotechnology that does not help women in any way.

– Should this not be a possibility for different groups with different views?

– Yes, you can. In fact, we don't want to put a stop to that people's privacy, but I see no reason why it should be funded from the state budget.

– Do not campaign

Secretary General Morten Dahle Stærk i Menneskeverd, believes that Hansmark is losing all.

– We are not against all updates of the Biotechnology Act. When the law was to be assessed last year, the main point was that we think it is good to have the law updated with developments. But it is true that we are doubtful about changes that we think are moving us to the negotiating society, he says.

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The organization has a stronger focus on prevention.

– We think that a ban should be that where it is absolutely necessary, if there is a risk to mother's life or emergencies.

He says that "many socks" is an international initiative, and that the campaign to use the hashtag and the translating of the campaign into Norway in 2017 was appreciated by people who took part in the campaign. T .

– We are concerned that we have ownership of the campaign. It has been used by many different groups, companies, individual sub-directors and individual actors. If it encourages people not to use it, it will work with disability groups.

GENERAL GOVERNANCE: Morten Dahle Stærk of the Human Awareness body. Photo: Krister Sørbø

– Sufficient enough

He says that it is strange that young Liberals who deal with diversity and divergences have different state aid, and feel the play is "very unhealthy".

State aid is not linked to Rockesokk or other commentary initiatives, but as part of the prevention exercise, he says.

– What is this all about?

– We travel around and teach in schools, secondary schools and secondary schools. We talk about improving the virus, the pain and the rights of the disabled – and the starting point is to get the information started and to be distributed.

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