They defeated him, they attacked and burned his. Generation Generation: they have killed the issues killed by his friend in Chiloé


Javier Nahuelneri Ojeda who died on 13 February this year as a result of violence sexual assault with friends and home.

When he passed, the man was with three experts in his house Lemuy Islandthere Puqueldón, The Chiloé, but after taking a lot of alcohol, it was hit and tied to bed wires.

After this, the attackers tied a page on his neck, raped and they burned some of the generations.

The attack was found to die with a friendship, which directly removed it Augusto Riffart de Castro Hospital.

However, days later Nahuelneri Ojeda was moved to her A first basic post of Santiago due to poor health conditions. After dying for 13 days, the 51-year-old died in the healthcare center.


After nine months of the violent attack, Marcos Llaipén Escobar, Juan Nahuel Loncón and Luis Vásquez Colipichún He was convicted for a jump, a & # 39; burned and squeezed the friend, as reported by La Estrella de Chiloé Tuesday.

Depending on what was set up in the test, the group attacked various things owner of a house, all this before they start their fighting.

"In a while not to be sure between the afternoon of the 29th and the morning of January 30 of 2018, in situations that victim, Javier Enrique Nahuelneri Ojeda, was drinking alcohol in his house in the Los Arrayanes route … (the accused person) they attacked it until it was realized and everyone who was accused was punished"Read the judge over the court, according to what was said by El Quellonino.

The local media also adds that the indictment has attacked its passive to unknowingly, burn into generating areas and enter spoon in the anus. Later on they left it to the head, until it was found on 30 January at about 13 hours.

While the Public Ministry to ask life sentence Certainly, the three who were accused were sentenced to sentence 16 years imprisonment for crime crimes and simple killing, edit source] Court of Victory in Criminal Matters of Castro.

"Evidence of evidence, expert and documentary evidence could prove to be able to decide the decision of the two in the unlawful," said the Minister's agent, Luis Barria, to the first media named.

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