They detect two curved cases that were introduced to the Biobio


One mother Venezuelan woman of 32 years old and i son 6 months, residents in the Concepción department, the first two cases of it a crusher that introduced who is registered in the Biobío department, recites the Health Seremi.

Yes two patients they will come together 7 other cases of the disease that is located in the Metropolitan Department. They all respond to the same break that was introduced on a bus board, which came to Santiago from Arica, in mid-November.

Her daughter was brought into her home, and do not appear heavy, and the child will be brought into hospital. Departmental Hospital Concepción Roinneil, recites Radio Bío Bío.

In addition, the health authority has hindered it seven others who had contact with the mother and her son, to confirm or do; confirmation.

How is this disease blocked?

The disease is banished by vaccination. In Chile, a vaccine is part of the mandatory vaccine program and is managed after 12 months and in a while; first level.

Since 1992, bananas were carried out annually (every 5 years) to protect children.

What's in a position to & # 39; Squirrels in Chile?

In Chile, this disease has been eliminated for more than 20 years ago, since it has been damaged. immunization into the National Immunization Program. The numbers of diseases we have since have been due to a & # 39; get into passengers who are in the condition of their disease in other countries.

Why did we have raptor issues in our country?

Breastfeeding is created by people who have the vaccination scheme intact and incomplete; travel to countries where a virus has a virus; Distribution, therefore, is more likely to risk the disease.

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