They develop new glucose meters "largely without pain and even more specific"


After 03/01/2019 14:57:13CET


Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) have a "smarter, precise and painless" blood sugar control system "for people with diabetes. After a prototype has been successfully tested in humans, this system has already closed for clinical trials.

Continuous research as a means of controlling blood glucose is a safe, which gives the patient an overall vision of the glucose levels during the day and his / her; Help you to avoid bad hypoglycaemia. However, the current systems of continuous glucose monitoring have two main problems: they are uncomfortable, because they need to apply at least 7 millimeters (mm) rods to the skin; and, due to their size, they are inserted into the artificial device.

Now, these Swedish researchers have developed an advanced advanced choice: a microneedle pattern that is 50 times less than the threads used in the current systems. In a recent study, it has been shown that the mix of the measurement and sensitivity of three-dimensional engineers without the need to properly monitor blood glucose levels over time, with a delay of about 10 minutes when They are submitted to forearm human subjects.

The next steps are to develop a movable transient pattern, together with electronic parts and integrated algorithms so that a fully understood system can be performed in a clinical trial. "We have no unresolved solution for the user, we simply measure their skin, and there are no painful buttons that find pain, but a mesh of small blood vessels, "they are explained.

Inside the dermis, microneedles are dependent on the natural craftwork that is filled with its & # 39; interdisciplinary behavior, which is around cells of skin. Foods such as discharged sugar out of the cell capillaries in which this cells reach.

"This is an important divide, which is similar to what is available in the market, which quantifies the subcutaneous timber material, which is measured in the skin less than 1 mm deep, where interdisciplinary lipid closer and homosexuality of blood glucose ", comment on the people responsible for this research.

This would give you another option for breaking your fingers several times a day to perform a blood test, although patients should be patient-made occasionally, as it does. made with commercial meters, the recycle sensor and the most reliable information and the fastest readings.

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