They develop the diabetes softer pill to keep track of insulin


An pillow granite, The I'm leaving insulin in people's stomach, what is possible everyday re-settings in & # 39; Patient with diabetes type 2 and was developed by a research group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT with the course in English).

The development is included in a small needle made with insulin forced, devastated after the fat is to get to the stomach. When the knit is knocked into the stomach wall, the insulin will be discharged at a controlled level, in the survey it took approximately an hour for all medications to be release into blood blood.

Not badly affected

In the exams shown by the experts with successful administration up to 300 micrograms of insulin and taken to five millions, a dosage similar to that Patient with Type 2 diabetes is damaged.

In the article published in the "Science" magazine no adverse effects were found in to use its & # 39; chapters, made of biocryptic polymers and steel components without machine. The pill can split smoothly through the excavation system.

The results also showed that the device can be modified to administer other protein drugs.

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