They discover an unrecognized genre of human ancestors who lived over 3.6 million years ago


An international group of anthropologists has produced the scientific world that has been involved in more than two decades of work carried out in a cave in South Africa and in the laboratory. A woman is a woman named as Little Foot & # 39; who is, who is a? represents the best fossil skeleton preserved of the Australopithecus Prometheus species.

The symbol, discovered and bone-bone reconstruction, had reached an advanced stage on the day of its death. The first four fragments of its bones were set by Ronald Clarke scientist, from the South African University of Witwatersrand in 1994, inside one of the caves at Sterkfontein, northwest of Johannesburg.

They were small bones and were convinced that they were some of a monkey, Clarke said in particular to the New Scientist magazine on Thursday. Due to the likelihood of their known australopithecines, the investigation followed and three years later more fossil sections were found in a rock.

When archaeologists started excavating, the bones disappeared easily and so before they separated the rock from the rock using only air screening, a device that burns a tight air stream tightly.

Special features

"I spent 20 years getting this rocket, found it in the rock in the deep darkness of the cavity, and bone detection and then washed enough to identify them [todos] in the cave, protecting them and taking them out in blocks, "said Clarke.

At the end of this work was science 90 skeletons. The product is particularly noticeable compared to the most famous Australian women, and the archaeologists were found in 1974 in Ethiopia and Lucy & # 39; them.

Lucy & # 39; 40% ready and ready for 3.2 million years old, as long as the fossils of South Africa It is 3.67 million years old, as expressed by the post-war investigation. Little Foot & # 39; about 20 centimeters higher than Lucy & # 39 ;: 130 centimeters high. Anthro-scientists also thought that both of them are " related to different australopithecine species.

Clarke also describes features such as a flatter face in & # 39; Little Foot, the larger teeth overall and the upper bands of the teeth that are involved. The woman I did not eat plants but, the experts say.

Half bipedal and traumatized

Historically, South Africa is the first example of our genitive and we have evidence that the lower tunes are bigger than those of the genius. height. However, scientists do not use the words & # 39; casan & # 39; arms & quot; to name and write; say that the anthropoid was only on the way to change.

Female from Australopithecus Prometheus It was not as good as things like us, another member of the research team, Robin Crompton, from Liverpool University. On the other hand, he had the best skills to climb trees as the new people.

Anthologists & Little Foot & # 39; to the public for the first time in early 2017. This week they have released new data on their skeletons. Genealogy was a big part of his life affected badly. The left-wing left "bilingual equation" and there were also other deformations. The researchers confirmed that he fell on his expanded body in his youth.

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