they do not want athletics in their castle


Valencia against Pokémon GO: they do not want an athlete in their castle

GO Pokémon to celebrate Christmas by a number of events. The recent Niantic bid Heatran as a new Legendary Pokemon in the raids, invite players to visit their & # 39; their home to catch a new Pokémon. What you probably do not like in Valencia, since then the Diputación does not want athletics in Corbera castle.

As reported by Las Provincias, Valencia's Delegation wants to complete the sport that put Pokémon GO in Corbera Castle, a stronghold named about Cultural Interest. It is the problem that these historic places have been attacked by a number of children. looking for a kiss in the past, which is inspired request by the archaeologist to the regional Corporate Heritage area.

In that application, Niantic, a mobile & mobile game developer will be asked to. you enjoy to take the appropriate steps including two goals. The first one is only one ensure the safety of young people they will come to their & # 39; castle, because they can fall due to one of the slopes of this 11th century Muslim monument. On the other hand, they also want the athletics to be removed preserving revitalization activities.

Protect the castle and the safety of young people

Pokémon GO, Valencia castle

Nests stand out for a & # 39; always choose designated venues for setting up and Poképaradas in a Pokémon GO, because one of the aims of its game is that its users also have a & # 39; make tourism in the village where they are and to recognize the cultural and fragile heritage of their towns. The Delegation of Valencia has been arrested by Niantic since then The company does not close the athlete; castle is so easy.

The only media reports that José Simó, the architect of the regional church, has contacted the creative company of Pokémon GO to ask for the athletics to be removed. Through a letter, Simó explained that Corbera Castle is the District Council's heritage assets and that it is now a ruin and a renewal process had started, with a lot of players playing on it; stone these regeneration activities will be put into danger.

According to the Niantic research, "Corbera Castle is a very good example of a place to visit" and they ensure that "Pokémon GO wants more visitor knowledge that explores the site to improve this ".

His first response from Niantic was asking the architect to be better recognizing to start the request. In addition, they asked official article and design to the Diputation of Valencia to be able confirming that the castle was in the process of reform and make sure there is a danger for users. Against this response, the Diputación de Valencia warned that they would take them critical and administrative measures time to abolish the athlete.

Niantic wants a document to be able to move the athletics

Pokémon GO will allow new Poképaradas praise players

Again, Niantic replied to telling them they need a document that, proof of the rehabilitation activities to move the athlete to another place. In addition, the statement said that Corbera Castle is "a good example of a place to visit" and always constitute warning to players "to be safe and warned, follow laws local and respect the places they visit. " They even say that "Players must be treated like every visitor".

In the same statement, Strange requests want a meeting with a Corbera master, officer or director of his castle. Unwanted sporting lobster or move to another place for this time. Although this conflict comes to a solution, the Delegation of Valencia has ensured that they will continue to work to maintain children's safety they will come to their & # 39; monument to capture a Pokemon, as well as protecting its & # 39; castle itself.

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