They eliminate 21 emigrants from Colombia for a crime that was made in Chile: they chose this option instead of a jail


On Thursday, the third campaign for the destruction of colonies in Colombia committed crimes in Chile. The move to Colombia in the Hercules C-130 plane. This leaves from Group 10 of FACh to restore 21 people of this nationality into their country.

Everyone was given prison sentences to ban the country, not being able to return for 10 years.

Imrich from Colombia

Mikhail Bonito, a legal adviser on the Ministry of Interior migration, outlined the crime of 21 people. Two were convicted of killing and 14 others were convicted of drug trafficking.

In addition, the other five were serving offenses for crimes such as error of violence, deception with fear and arms behavior.

Leave an airplane from Santiago with 14 citizens from Colombia, to stop in Iquique where they will hit another 7 people. There are 28 officers of the PDI, according to, with everyone.

It should be noted that this is the third operation of this type made by the Government, after 82 people of the same nationality were to be removed from August and November last year.

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