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Picture: Statement EFE

Experience a team of scientists in the wilderness and article section of northern china in Chile look at the likelihood of those who may be in other bodies in the solar system or in nearby exoplanets.

The recent confirmation that Mars has water has been restored to some of the unidentified ones from the most remote times of trying to be clear: are we in -aonar in a & # 39; Can we study other planets?

Dr David Holmes, a computer scientist and astrobiologist Genomics Center and Knowledge Science from the Universidad Mayor de Chile and the Science and Life Foundation, who are in charge of the research, ensure that there are other places both inside and outside of our galaxy, and in the future may we surveyed.

"We investigated these environments to find out what this plan might happen or to understand what might happen in some we still do not know, "said Holmes, from a British origin and with over 20 years of work and residence in Chile, where he got to work in mining

Author 185 publications, among them four books and patented, it created biological-related research, to obtain more pure copper bacteria from the middle of water.

Holmes continued to work with complex micro-organisms, who live in poor condition: high temperatures and saline levels, or pH (acidity) are very low, among other things.

Silein and Altiplano land are the same areas that show truth Mars, the researcher stressed a document given to Efe.

"I'm sure there is life in any place in Humanity, at least in the form of small micro-organisms, in a plain like Jupiter or Saturn, or in areas of Mars and Venus, maybe microbiological life, non-inflammatory organisms such as those found on Earth ", says

The same meanings, he said, can help to explain many questions, and # 39; including the life of about 4.5 billion years ago, when they are Land He had very high temperatures and large earth and planetary bodies were broken.

"The best ideas of northern Chile are to understand, for example, how did their life start? What kind of energy resources would they then be used? Things like iron, sulphur and hydrogen were found in the Domain basic and also in those countries, which can nourish those species that can survive with irregular chemical energy, "he said.

Today there is almost no doubt that Mars is at a large seas for up to 2,000 million years, enough time to life rises.

But from these waters there were only sea and lochs in which the planet was completely dry and now the water is alone in a lake found beneath the south pole and possibly under the land elsewhere.

For Holmes, the lakes and salts of Altiplano na Silein and Bolivian salts are similar to that melting, they are cold and under severe solar radiation, just like Mars.

"The Atacama desert is an amazing analog of the final step of that planet, which makes it absolutely definitive, but there is a microbiological life in underground in Atacama which rises if there is still life under Mars, "he said.

Astrobiology experience has the origins, growth, distribution and future of life in the global, and Using knowledge of physics, chemistry, astronomy, molecular biology, ecology and planetary sciences, among other subjects.

Thousands of plans were also found where they want to explore their chances of living, as well as winters of our solar system: Enceladus and Titan (Saturn) and Europa (Jupiter), in which there is evidence where there are seas.

In this context, the researcher believes that if there is a life in our solar system, it would be very similar to those that are today, carbon-based, hydrogen , nitrig, oxygen, water, sulbhur and iron, among other elements.

"In a rest of it Universe, It is still uncertain to understand what kind of life it is; but I think we could go to, find signs in the next 20 or 50 years, "said Holmes.

Outside the Solar System, the best wishes for life in the field of geography known as Goldilocks (Goldilocks Zone), is a name that tells the story of Children in which the high priest tastes three brothels: very cold, very hot and the other, at a certain temperature.

"The same thing happens with the planets, their situation of & # 39;always basic & basic for living, he kept up.


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