They finally split the Huawei P30 appearance and they are very surprised


Be careful, not a Pro Model.

If he has done a lot of Samsung and its surplus devices, Huawei would not have a & # 39; save P30 in these fragments.

This does not come from any source, the OnLeaks and 91 phones are very successful, and in addition the information is appropriate.

From the previous one, it is a & # 39; Find out the color color, and from Mate it's a fire and back formatted with its & # 39; the summit.

A triple camera modal is still very similar, although we are already in a position; Introducing that there is a wide area in the area of ​​monks, such as Mate.

Remember that the "Pro" is not in the # 39; This module is in place and we expect to look at the larger screen, to maintain the advanced positive recognition system.

Interestingly, Huawei, at least in this model, would have gone back from his decision to go to # 39; Removing the listening harbors, which are always very handsome, and with the way, amazing stories

The team could be displayed at the Mobile World Company at the end of February, but Huawei has not been fair for a long time to launch a team, so we will & # 39; let them take that amount, and possibly at the end of March

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