They find out about a meteorite caused by a 31km kilometer


A team of researchers created by experts from Denmark, Germany and the United States, he found a crack 31 kilometers deep and 300 meters deep, in the north of Greenland. Big toll It is covered with ice, what was hidden in all this time.

According to the science of science magazine, The pit was created during Pleistocene, which stretches 2 million years ago to 10 miles ago. The meteor hit the ground It was a bit of iron; and it was just over a kilometer long

"The crack It is very well preserved and that's amazing because the ice cream ice is the very efficient sedimentary finances that quickly eliminated its rapid impact, "explained Professor Kurt H. Kjaer, from the Geogenetics Center of the Danish Natural History Museum.

"That means that the pit must be very young from a geological perspective, "he said.

Its effects are categorized The 25 most violently discovered so far. The crack that created the explosion larger than Paris or Washington D.C.. The next step is to get out straight the date affected and the way which affected the climate of the time.

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