They find out about a section of the brain that may be linked to good movements


A section of the brain, known as the endorestiform nellot, was found near the backbone corridor after almost 30 years of difficulty for the first time, academic wells reported on Tuesday.

"An An interesting area because it seems that it is not in a row of macaque and other animals We have investigated, "said the researcher, George Paxinos, a brain cartoonist and an expert from the New South Wales University (UNSW).

"They need Some things that are special in human brain are larger than its size and the end-of-the-counter imbalance can be one of them, "said the Greco-Australian expert in the Australian Neuroscient Inquiry and the Atlas Atlas of Brain's author leading the world.

An unfinished It is located within the low cerebellar peduncle, a region that includes sensible and motorized information to clear the postage, balance and the smooth movement movements, including small gestures in the hands, legs, fingers, bills or tongue.

"I can only quantify its work, due to the part of the brain, it may be involved in controlling proper motor movements", The science indicated.

An found It can contribute to the exploration of methods to cure diseases such as Parkinson's disease and other neuromotor diseases, according to the statement.

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