They find out in Chile that the correct catching of genius in the brain is Alzheimer's stopping


A team of Chilean researchers have been making a great deal of progress in the Alzheimer's fight, after going to # 39; Find out relationships between brain path implementation and correct brain metabolism in the brain.

The work, run by Nibaldo Inestrosa doctors and Pedro Cisternas, from the Center for Historic and Rehabilitation, from the Catholic University (CARE Chile UC), and developed in animal model, on improving mental and mental abilities and has recently been published in the Journal Neurochemestry.

Remembrance, learning and humorous awareness are the mental abilities that require high energy consumption in the brain and that diabetic treatment in this chest can be modeled in the laboratory, with this study.

The researchers could decide it The importance of brainstorm operation known as Wnt in glucose metabolism, a fundamental process for neurons and brain activity.

The tests, developed in transgenic animal models Especially trying to Alzheimer's be slow or slow, the most common disease that is older, which will affect around 18 million people in the world and the fourth cause of death is on the planet.

The surveys "show that the Wnt route operation promotes glucose metabolism, especially in neurons, a very important process in the brain, An organ that needs a lot of glucose and energy to work properly, especially in areas related to memory and learning processes, such as the lagoon and the hippocampus, "explained Dr. Cisterna.

The brain, said he, represents 2% of body weight, but It requires about 20% of oxygen and 25% of ATP (a basic nucleotide in the emission of cells) of the human body.

The ATP, which will emphasize Cisternas, is the energy intimidation that cells use for their important and important work. In this context, it is important that glucose metabolism has been reduced in all neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson and Hungtinton, "What is linked to a reduction in the ability of the brain to use glucose".

At the same time, a protein-based Wnt device, which is related to brain creation, synapses, neurons interactions, as well as memory and learning and is Investigate his main role research in Alzheimer's and other credentials, and some strategies to activate it. The last one, to prevent injury and communication between neurons.

Amyloid beta a collection

Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, the National Science Award, is suffering from Alzheimer's neurons due to the form of a type of unprofitable protein called beta amyloid, which is to prevent the merchandising work that will; neurons communication.

In that context, by saving the Wnt route "it is possible to restore the relationship between brain cells and prevent it from harm. Therefore, it is essential for us to find comparatives that are in place and can be converted into therapies capable of fighting the & # 39; this mythology, "he said.

«In the last publication we saw, when we put the Wnt way into our modules, the mental response of those animals has been developed, and glucose metabolism is encouraged, In addition to the jobs we have done before, "he said.

According to these backgrounds, researchers develop different strategies to implement the Wnt direction, to promote progression in Alzheimer's emergence or improvement. «We want to develop from molecules that create the operation of this route and, thus, the benefits of Alzheimer's patients to be allowed to, usually, delays memory loss. This could have a great impact on those who have their impact and the family environment, "said Dr. Cisterna.

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