They found under Greenland the dragon that created an asteroid


It's just with its historical dimensions. It is one of the largest 25 available on the planet

They found under Greenland the dragon that created an asteroid

Map of the rocky landscapes under the ice chart and the ground without ice around the skin / National History Museum of Denmark

In 2015, a geologist at Copenhagen University, Kurt Kjær, gave a sense of badly annoying under Glen Hiawatha glacier. An investigation now shows that just what to find was & # 39; affecting skin over 30km wide. Awake: asteroid.

It's just historic in the pit as one of the largest 25 found on Earth. However, the science and history are the most interesting science. When and how we have had a huge impact on the archaic iceboard in the & # 39; Greenland?

It seems that it is not so far back, not least in terms of its planet's history from creating a meteorite at least a kilometer wide.

surprising evidences

As Kjær has explained: an amazing evidence requires extraordinary evidence. We have more than ten years of radar research data, a way of looking through the ice with which we will build a map of the hierarchy's hierarchy. So in 2015 we came overseas over the hard underground stream below. We immediately knew that this was something special, but at the same time it was clear that it would be difficult to determine where the deception came from.

continue with the checks

Since then, the last three years have been working and analyzing the area, photography and the use of a new radar developed by the University of Kansas.

You can see the round structure at the edge of the ice page, especially when it is high enough. For most, the dock is not visible through the plane window. It's funny that nobody is thinking so far: "Hey, what is a semi-circle there?" From the plane it is difficult and difficult to see, if you do not know it's there.

Using satellite images are built with a low sunny step that is Confirm the hills and glens in the grounds of the ice page, you can see the whole circle in these images.

Kjær has also explained that the stranger was reminiscent from the beginning to the meteor of Cape York that fell into his; Greenland about 10,000 years ago, was the only thing that left large iron pieces that were scattered in the same area as the glaciers, which were linked to it? event affects?

The recently published work does not come to a conclusion that this is the case; case, but they display many evidenced lines that suggests that the crack may have been created in the last 100,000 years.

The geochemical survey of the sediments near the glacier also showed evidence of impact processes, and show that there is iron. These included quartz, which is commonly found in the influence, and specification designations, made from silica in a & # 39; Groundstone with great heat.

In terms of age, researchers believe that they have the evidence they have; Give enough strength to think it happened before Greenland covered by ice.

It's hard to be wrong if we think the range is; covering 3 million years ago just 12 thousand years ago, to the end of the last ice age. According to Kjær: I think it happened when Greenland was covered with ice and so it would have melted a lot of potatoes. This refrigeration water goes to a sensitive point in the system of climate.

They want to find out what's the right date at which they are. impact

However, they are currently trying to & # 39; drilling through the ice to get samples of the thumbnail that can be used to return and date by virtue.

There's a huge crack to the window that opened for science. His study builds all kinds of questions, such as the ability to be in the water of asteroids or the truth that his / her; the impact of a world-cooling event that could significantly affect older people.

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