They give 400,000 for advertising … tarps!


On 29 December last year, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras turned … to open Fountain Station Sunday, with the … installing tarps at the ticket offices.

Now, after almost a month … it does not run the station, it's time for … the advancement evaluation.

The Board of Directors of Attiki Metro last week the project to communicate the project, which is far from being successful. delivery, by submitting the file for approval by the General Secretary for Information and Communications Ministry of Digital Policy.

Progress funding will come from the Action Program "Transport, Environment and Sustainable Development Infrastructure" 2014-2020. According to its conclusion, 290 SMEs will be allocated to traditional SMEs, with 30% allocated to regional SMEs. Of these, € 150,000 will be allocated to television stations (45,000 euros in regional SMEs), 30,000 euros to radio stations (9,000 euros to regional SMEs) and 110,000 euros per page (33,000 euros to regional SMEs).

The remaining € 110,000 will be designated to make audio content on Thessaloniki Metro, promoted through electronic media and the construction of a new website.

Board Attiko Metro has taken a similar decision about a year ago, but it seems that it was better than the ads to be displayed during a pre-election period.

Beag, & maybe details: it is expected that the project will be delivered to the Thessalonians by the end of 2020 …

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