They got a dead person at the hospital in Chad


This is a man who has been cured recently in a drug-controlled Kysuck hospital.

Čadčianski fire exacerbations were discovered on Monday morning at Kysucké hospital with a political group in What a dead person. The Department of Fire and Rescue Department (KR HaZZ) Operational TASR in Žilina confirmed.

According to the Deputy Health Improvement Officer for the non-operational departments of Kysuce Hospital with Policlinics in Chad Richard Bobek, the other firefighters were arrested, who brought them to a hospital hospital with a catastrophic hospital.

"Little by little, he started to get an awareness, but he could not tell him. According to those circumstances, we have admitted in the anesthesia and medical treatment department. It is now capable of measuring body temperature 24.7 Celsius degrees after a long time, which is a difficult problem. We carry out other critical actions and we're in the heat, "Bobek said.

Events damaged

He said he was a man who was cured recently in a Kysuck hospital hospital. "In the years 2014 and 2016 he was severely injured. He is always treated in November for head injuries that cause himself to use alcohol as a whole," said e.

According to Kysucké's political hospital leader in Čad Martin Šenfeld, the hospital with homeless people has been helping private security makers for his / her. fourth year.

"There was a lot of damage caused by homeless people, not only that, but they were left in hospital and did not go to the toilet. They also needed any building or space on the stairs. We have a great deal with them. The service secured private security. It's not a hundred percent, but it's getting better, "said Shenfield.

Iain Kuciak murder

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