They got a woman in Moreno and arrested her husband


A missing woman from Tonight was discovered today in three parts inside a sack at her home in the Buenos Aires area of ​​Moreno and for her husband's arrest, military sergeant, legal statements.

This is Yésica Lucia Hoffmann (34), also an army, who was involved in Battalion 1 of the Palomar Unit and had not been featured in work since the end of March.

For this reason, civil servants at the home of their father, Ramón Ronaldo Hoffmann (59) revealed to tell him about that situation, judicial speakers called Telam.

As a result, the father of her, who is a woman, lived next to his daughter's house in Pedro Benoit Street at 2800, in the town of Trujui of the party in the west of the towns of Buenos Aires, able to communicate with them or her husband, she said she followed after call to the second police station. de Moreno.

Soldier soldiers from Moreno Command came to the place, who asked them to work in to enter his daughter's house.

There they found that the old man was inside a weapon that was cold and cold; leaving her female, cut into three parts, published Telam's legal origin.

For this reason a translation by Procurator Fiscal Leandro Ventricelli, who was responsible for ordering the Useful Operational Unit (UFI) 1 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, was ordered that the crime scene would be protected so that the expert views could be made fit.

After the evidence gathered, the legal officer concluded that the offense had occurred in the context of a female person, so he ordered investigation and then arrested the victim's victim, Fernando González Friveo, who is a sergeant of the Army Army. .

Eventually, the defendant was arrested in Campo de Mayo, where he served, and was transferred to the second police station. de Moreno, where he will still be submitted and tomorrow will be investigated by the procurator Ventricelli for the crime "a great slaughter made by the attachment", which put the sources to .

In fact, the results of the autopsy in Hoffmann's body were waiting to be able to date; death was established.

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