They have $ 461 million boundaries for Edesur and Edenor for energy cuts in Buenos Aires


The National Electricity Management Standard (ENRE) expressed Edesur and Edenor $ 461 million after the electricity service dropped users of power in Greater Buenos Aires (GBA).

In Edesur's case, the $ 291 million board control, and at Edenor, was $ 170 million. The governing government distributed the results of the third-year service review of the two companies delivered by the two companies, which did not deliver it between March and August.

In order to set up the fees, ENRE analyzed the technical service (frequency and breach of supply time), technical product (level concern and voltage) and commercial attention (response time for connecting new users, re-installations, casing sheets, answer).

According to the official report, the Edenor service quality measurement calculations were maintained below the threshold level set by the Integral Task Review (RTI). This company recorded 3.57 per user break per user (as a parameter of 4.53) and 13.35 hours of average consumer income (parameter at 14.40). Cuts in this semester had a huge impact on 357,000 users.

In Edesur's case, the average time spent under the departmental level at 14.18 hours when the parameter is 16.49, but that is the case; How often the average barriers were per user per day (3.79 the highest at 3.10). The recorded reduction was affecting around 285,000 users.

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