"They have a full maize culture": more about Pizano's audio and Odebrecht bubbles


With small small sections of the soundtracks left by the Solar Walk Director, Jorge Enrique Pizano, who show the bubbles that Odebrecht has paid for Brazil's multi-city, to keep a number of contracts in the country.

The Spectator & # 39; Currently on sections of the conversation he contributed by Alberto Mariño, the main album of the Aval Group, which shows the trust of both of them; a multi-national group, and where Pizano suspected that Bull's Otto Congress had been persecuted.

"This is a bankruptcy contract factory, of the biggest crap. Is that, as I told Néstor Humberto Martínez, it's like Origination: tell me numbers, 4 and 23, grow! Give me another one: boom! They are every day, "said Pizano to Mariño.

On his part, Coviandes' manager and a representative of the board of firefighters, already thought that some of the staff of Ruta del Sol were worried, who were immersed in this crack.

"No, indeed, I'm there, I'm dragging the pitica where it's giving me. As money goes on to add me things, when I go beyond the lists that prove me confirmation with what is paid, but I have paid off for payment, nose, and I'm starting to see contracts not at all, "said Mariño.

Pizano, then, tells Marñio that he is not responsible for Portuguese Eder Ferracuti, legal representative of the Ruta del Sol Contractor, He asked for it to participate in this payroll scheme, without mentioning Marcio Marangoni, a construction staff of the Ruta del Sol Constructor Consorcio.

"In that conversation, I did not jump at the Marangoni garrison, that is the worst (…) he is a sailor," said Pizano, which was reinforced by Mariño to later. "Marcio is a son of a bag."

In addition, Pizano finds that he has been in & # 39; Speaking about the case with Nation Attorney General, Néstor Humberto Martínez. He even tells Mariño what happened when he went to the headquarters of one of the suspected companies.

"On July 27, they'll send me an email, which Néstor Humberto looks at my bad (…) On August 4, I came here and met Nestor Humberto. He told me: tell me. And tell me what was happening and I gave him information about the 2013 currency contracts, but in 2012. But he said to me: The doctor's guide is (unimportant) you are remote and quiet (…) After that, Néstor Humberto welcomed me. I did that, "and added Pizano to him.

Odebrecht has a mafia culture, "said Mariño Pizano, before telling that the international center had won a legal claim with the support of a Constitutional Court Mayor: Luis Eduardo Vargas, who was also to be the dance &

"If you tell me, the Lord's vineyard knows everything about it. Why is the reason why they won the Honey project? that they had seven hectares in Subachoque to Luis Eduardo … to Vargas, the master (…) The road project that was Odebrecht's advocacy, Honey 2, Honey 3 , which was in the Constitutional Court, "said Pizano.

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