They have condemned Gabriela, killing 10 cars – crime news


Gabriela Medarova, aged 21, has been convicted of 10 cars under the influence of alcohol and drugs at Plovdiv this summer, and in less than a month caused Katya Andreeva's physical harm to Plovdiv bar.

Gabriela was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with a 4-year trial period with an 18-month “Restriction on movement freedom” detection measure – leaving the home between 22:00 and 6:00, reporting by Trafficnews. .

The sentence includes a fine of BGN 800, the extraction of books for a year and a half, the cost of the case, and the judge also honored Katya Andreeva's private appeal at the 2000 levs.

“This term, particularly the quantity of proof, will help you to get back to your family and what is most important in life. It will protect you from the environment that affects you badly. Through that I give you a better chance of a better future, "said judge Nyazomova.

In its parliaments, the state treasurer Petrova summarized the overall conviction, and finally concluded her request for a year and a half prison, she abolished three probationary years, a lack of driving license and 800 BGN. well.

The treasurer explained that she had given a contractual sentence because Gabriela was found guilty and her case was dealt with shorter and Katya Andreeva supported the claims.

The decision came after the District Court in Plovdiv had today looked at the woman's issue of the short process because of her solicitor, Orlin Turnovilyski. For this reason, Medarova has been charged with the four charges – driving under drink and driving cars after using drugs, to damage the damage (about 40,000 leva) of damage to the body. hooliganism.

So today Medarova's hearing was heard today. The actions were for the unified young woman into a single crime, and that day in the courtroom Katya Andreeva, instituted as a private prosecution, appealed for 2000 levs.

The Turnovilyyski Solicitor in the courtroom announced that he was ready for approval, but because the damage to vehicles is in the high road road accident, that's 40,000 leva, that's for – t made. Those received back at this time from Gabriela are harmful to BGN 22,000, and it is expected that the others will be covered.

Medarova came to court with her mother and father. She explained what had happened and recognized the facts and conditions in the activities.

“I'm already a new person. I am not dancing, I have taken a better way. I've been working in a clothes factory for six months now. I'm sorry I didn't put up my education, but my student rights were stopped. I am sorry for what has been done, I am guilty of freedom, "said Medarova to the Judge Niizomova.

A lawyer required 9 months' imprisonment with a 3-year trial period, a 500 BGN fine and 18 months without a booklet, indicating that the latest consent to disqualify the vehicle should be obtained from the minute.

"Gabriela has taken a lesson, changing her life to 180 degrees, taking a lesson, and I'm sure it will be a lesson," told Tarnovilski.

Strangely, however, the procurator fiscal's or solicitors' claim was not admired and Gabriela's conclusions were unanimous that she believed the girl would let the girl go. find another chance.

There is a conviction and defense against Orlin Turnovilyski that they will not make a complaint and appeal against the court's decision. Gabriela's family, as well as the young wife, refused to comment on the decision.

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