"They have given a lot of Colombia, I hope they will continue"


The captain expects that both of them have a " live on the habitat for 2019.

Esteban Paredes He has sung the recessed chamber voice after making the very poor second semester of Colo Colo for the quarter-quarter of the Libertadores Cup.

And, in that way, he mentioned it revitalized Julio Barroso, that is not yet realized, asking the Admiral to stay in Macul.

"We know what in July, we came in in 2014, we got lots of titles, it has taken part in every competition, almost every game. It has an impact on the back, but it's already better. We hope the negotiations will come to an end quickly and stay in Colo Colo, "he said.

But he also had words for Jaime Buckets. "I do not know in that situation. Its subject is very handled on social networks, in the media, it has donated a lot of Colombia. We hope he will continue with us, "he said.

Finally, Visogol said "I'm not very aware that it is true that the leaders want a way out. I have no information But so far, as Marcelo (Spina) said, he is a club player and has spoken to him, he has a contract until the end of 2019. "

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