They have lost their mother forever: the dead man who is dead is remembered as a mother of love


Winnipeg's biggest victim mother says that the girl was a lovely and careful person who was in a hurry. spending time with her family, including her new grandson.

Lisa Marie Kubica, 38, was executed at Tyndall Railway on Thursday Thursday.

Kubica's mother, Sherry Kubica, says her daughter had problems, including a lack of alcohol, but always having time with her five children and her grandson – a & # 39; his first grandson – born for more than a year ago.

Sherry told her daughter and would let the children swim and enter the park in the summer, and although Kubica did not; Along with her children, she always wanted to know she was in love.

"She loved doing things with her children. Lisa was living for her grandson … she was so proud she was finally a grandmother," Sherry, 58, told News CBC News Saturday.

"She was a good mother, she had problems … but she has been trying to be very good recently and I just do not know she had her problems, but I do not have a & # 39; think someone is worthy of this. "

Procurator Fiscal Identified

Const. Jay Murray said Saturday Kubica knew her invasion, which he said came home every day on Thursday that was armed and wanted to challenge her on a lasting case .

Sherry said her daughter was dropped several times during the attack.

Police took hold of Phyllis Dawn Pascal who was 45 years old at a nearby house, He asked her to murder her second step on Kubica's death.

Sherry said that her daughter had never talked about her daughter who has now been convicted of her death, and said she does not know what has come to the end.

"She was very hearty, she was bringing anyone away from the street, if they needed a place to stay, let them stay," she said about her daughter.

"She would not give him a soul, I do not understand what was wrong."

They have lost their mother forever & # 39;

Sherry said her daughter had dropped back to drink shortly before she died.

After losing her two young children, a 10 year old and five-year-old daughter, to Care and Family Services, Sherry said that her daughter did not know what to do.

"That's how she knew she would bring out her pain," said Sherry.

The two children now live as permanent wards with their grandmother.

Sherry said her mother's death has been tough on her children.

"She must say she was a child she can not see mommy again, she's in heaven, but she's with you," says Sherry.

"It's hard to explain to a five year old age but I want her to know she is in love and that she loves her every girl with her all her heart.

"It's so sad … they lost their mother forever."

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