They hit a bottle on the head of Toarri Valantin and walked through Pucón


The old boy from Rojo Toarii Valantin said three of the brutal attack Instagram stories that he suffered on 9 February while he was out and down; walk with some friends in Pucón.

"Well, you're sorry, I'm sorry for what happened to me last night, I can do a lot. Thanks to everyone who told me and asked how I am . For those who are not familiar, yesterday I went out with my friends and three goats have been recognized and, for any reason, they turned on and hit a bottle on my head. I fell to the ground , it was wrong, but thank God nothing happened to me, "he said, according to La Fourth.

"Do not worry, I'm right, my head hurts, but that's it. It's a vocabulary call, if I go to take a fun, not to get bottles in a & # 39; head. Kisses for all, "he said.

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