They identify the device that is & # 39; including scratching


EFE / Washington

A group of scientists identified the way of the brain that causes people to scratch the skin, find that help with effective cure can be detected against a & # 39; harmful behavior.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences team is led by Yan-Gang Sun which shows that there is a small suburban activity of neurons, which is located in the deep brain section called the periaqueductal green, and monitor the behavior of scratch in mice.

There is still no effective cure for continuing fishing, which is largely due to our limited knowledge of picozn neoral machine, Sun argument.

The main author of the survey believed that this search was delivered to & # 39; starting point to explain how the picazn is handled and its model in the brain.

It can be caused by a wide range of causes, including adverse reactions, skin conditions, chemicals that can be used. disturbance, parasites, diseases, fertility and cures for cancer.

The scratching circle, according to specialists, can have a significant impact on quality of life and seriously damaging its & skin and weaving.

The researchers analyzed mice neurons, which were freely moved and stimulated to scrub through herbs with histamine. Behavior from picazn on the activity of a special set of neurons created by a neurotransmitter and tachykinin called neuroptid.

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