They investigate a case that may be in anyone's person who is in a Cutral Co.


He is a park Ranger from Esquel, who came to the area to spend the holidays.

A Esquel man lives in a hospital in Co Cutral and they are going to hospitalize. Check if it is converted by an aviation.

The patient is 28 years old and works as a park ranger at the Los Alerces National Park, which runs through the oil area when it came to the end of the year with members family.

The person went into hospital on 31 December muscle and muscle cancer and is still remote in the general clinic center. Asserting that it may have been the cause of hantavirus, blood was issued and sent to the Malbrán Institute laboratory, in Buenos Aires, to be investigated.

So far, the number of people affected by this disease affects the "colilargo" mouse and He is 16, with 5 dead victims and 5 in intensive care.

In the last official part, they have been successful that "the emergency team continues to work in Epuyen, which deepens the enjoyable fun activity tasks for people who are known as close links ".


There are already 14 cases, five of them dead

Another death in Chubut as a result of hantavirus


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