They look for a hunter who killed a lion while he was asleep and his skin. video recording of the international crisis


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Images are all around the world. It is a rock account, like the hunter that put life on the beautiful animal when he was asleep.

The society Protection of all Wildlife This video has been commissioned to publish the famous video close to a minute, which can be seen how a Lion is flying several miles away, enough to give a proper perspective.

After aiming and threshing, you can see how the animal is vibrating in pain and trying to escape in a jungle area in Zimbabwe, a country that is south of the main. land of Africa.

The sight was so fatal that he took a few seconds to die with a man's overall hand.

This is an American Guy Gorney who is 64-year-old and has been identified as a result of the viralized video from a Twitter account Protection of all Wildlife.

As with Gorney, there is the correct expression in every character to identify and interpret her.

“The geologist who fired a Lion lion in Zimbabwe has been recognized as an unbeatable #trophyhunter, Guy Gorney, from Illinois. It was celebrated as a scum; in social networks, "he will read part of the tweet that struck a storm over the internet against America." t

This is not the first time that this hunter's name is coming to light. In 2015 he was interviewed by the CBS network and in his speech he said he did not have regret for having killed nearly 100 species, among these lions, rhinoceros, elephants, buffalos and leopards.

Facebook Guy Gorney
Facebook Guy Gorney

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