They make a Bitmain case for 5 million USD: they'll preventing them from an already sold Christian device


The legal position states that Gevorkyan is a user of Bitmain ASICs since January this year, when he bought different devices, including the S9 Antimer. According to Gevorkyan, the difficult result is resolved, so this process will take a long time.

Despite being & # 39; specifies the correct time he has taken with the mineral objector to establish, the legal action against the Bitman also ensures these new uses add extra cost to the first work of each device.

In fact, the objections seek compensation for economic damage due to the breach of unfair competition (UCL) Law, with behavior that "opposes public policy, non- polite, informal, pre-passive and desolate. " So, applicants claim compensation of $ 5 million.

Such a contract is strengthened and expanded. Acting illegally in the court case too. In this regard, a non-company company said; his company "bringing a mine to its client". In addition, he said that, including not just a small part of his business; In mining, "Bitmain is not so impressive compared to the installation of the equipment as soon as possible to achieve the authentic orders".

Anti-polishing anti-cycling actions for the two registered companies of the company. One in Delaware, the United States and another in Beijing, China.

Bitmain, a full year of trouble

The legal campaign against a firm steel company has been published after it has been accredited with a # 39; removing Jihan Wu as Chief of Bitmain, and after some problems with his first public offers.

In addition, the most recently released equipment, the Antminer S15 and T15, has 7nm slates, doubtless, since so far, its company is not clear about the performance of the tools no.

At this time it is not known why the court will proceed with this application.

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