They make a stage of the Monumental stadium by & # 39; Tickets sold in the Superfinal between River and Boca


Home & Home Police attacking the Monumental stadium within the framework of the reason to repell the tickets in the # 39; Light Cloud of the Cup Libertadores between River and Boca. By order of the procurator Norberto Brotto, who searches the resale in the & # 39; Millionaire from last April, the officers They will look for ticket sales minutes and participants' list to compare with the 300 trapped routes Friday at the address Hector Cavern Godoy. Justice had already been proven with skill that the tickets were in their hands; true bar; aware of the novel, Brotto ordered the procedure.

The club is closed for members: there are only staff on the site. The focus of the attack was placed at the office of the box, in the partner office and in the video room.

In the Friday raid in two homes (one in San Miguel and one in Villa Devoto), Godoy, as well as the tickets, was stolen 7 million pesos, though in all legal cases he had, he ensured he was living in the form of jobs.

"It seems that part of what we have been investigating, which belongs to the criminals committed to Justice, caused groups of incidents to incidents or some breach ", Diego Santilli, deputy head of Buenos Aires, said on the events that blocked the Superclassic Saturday and ended up with a number of Boca players injured.

The case of new Brotto prosecutor is not. It started in April this year following the Mercado Libre site for the River Plate Game Repeat in that month, and this attacked the Department of Public Behavior in Public Voices of Buenos Aires Police.

The repository through legitimate applications reaches astronomy numbers. Brotto is not the only procurator who is on the subject. According to the study of the Universal Crime Unit in the Buenos Aires City that worked in the Superclassic Sunday, November 11, under the command of the procurator Cristian Longobardi, in some areas vacant from Legal tickets were purchased at repository at at least 25% of the people present. For example, in the K section of the stadium, with capacity for 2135 people, there were almost 500 entrants with tickets on behalf of other supporters.

According to case analysts, only the hotel would be; name 50% club to pay up to 1750 dollars for a ticket, and # 39; Most of the tourists.

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