They say Black Friday was the first sales boost a year – Salta



This was marked by Shata Trading Room on her balance after the last Friday and Saturday sales. The installments were bought; in sales forces. Benefits areas: tires, batteries, equipment, leather and clothing products

Salta Black Friday came to an end with a positive balance from Salta's Divisional Business and Industry Chamber authorities. The sales of the year increased with the slogan "Que no se pass" was the first sales increase per year at departmental level.

From January to October the numbers showed a fall in sales, and it was expected that November would also declining; However, with the initiative, the move was reversed and the sources that went to the mainland were expanded. improve their sales.

Salta Black Friday had more than 600 stores throughout the region. According to estimates, it has been estimated that roundtrips around the center are; town between Friday and Saturday, attracted by raising their friends. The e-commerce was present for the first time in Salta and 28 businesses went to the company; online source mode and said they had achieved sales even outside the area.

The great disturbance of consumers to benefit from buying them with credit cards with up to 12 non-interest contributions. At this time, it is worth remembering with Visa and MasterCard cards of Macro and Masventas banks which consumers could buy with up to 12 installments; with card installments 5 or 10 SuCredit; and with Visa and Father Banco Nación, with 3 installments.

The things that improved were compared compared to previous months: tension, batteries, equipment, leather products, clothing, among others.

Salta Black Friday is co-ordinated by the Salta District Government, Salta Towns, and Argentina's Intermediate Cooperation (CAME).

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