They say Microsoft is about to end with Edge and a browser that is based on Chrome


For Microsoft

Windows Central is to ensure that its & # 39; company to try again, this Chromium-based browser trip, an open source-based mobile project such as Brave, Opera or Google Chrome itself.

For now, this project received the "Anaheim" code name, and it is said that we will see this new Microsoft browser in the first half of 2019.

If true, Microsoft (in a way) would be thrown into the thread with Edge and a & # 39; serving what their users are searching for. We do not remember Microsoft Windows 10 started to try to work actively and voluntarily that its users have a " move to Edge.

At this time, Edge has 4.2% of the market, while Chrome has a & # 39; reach 65.5%

Despite being & # 39; Most users refused, Microsoft did not surrender, and a few months ago he gave an action that tried to send the people directly to a third-party browser back.

It makes a lot of feelings, because Windows 10 would have a & # 39; Getting in with a much more consistent browser (remembering the catalog of large Chrome extensions) and keeping it easier to maintain.

The figures themselves talk: according to the web applications, 4.2% of the market is a? Edge browser now, while Chrome accounts are 65.5%. (

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