They say that FF.EE. of Customs officers threatening the teenager to go with Catrillanca


The 15 year old man was with him Camilo Catrillanca during his death, M.P.CI would introduce it threats by Carabineros after his father was arrested in early hours this Thursday.

Jorge Palacios It was arrested by uniform workers in the Ercilla society, along with Mapuche other coproprietors who were alleged to have been in a state of state on the roads and public crime. .

However, the Treasurer decided yesterday that it was not true that they were under the influence of alcohol, and that is why they were given an order.

According to Palacios, Carlos HuaquillanHis uncle's uncle was with his 9 year old son in folklore at the front of Ercilla's police station when the child threw a stone at a car. In response, he would get water streams from Carabineros officers, to whom his father would work by throwing him on his car.

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According to the draft of M.P.C and father, after the arrest of Palacian officers They recognized the man and hit it, causing injuries already proved. Later they would be threatened by the teenager saying: "You'll fall, yourself, honey".

The Head of Judicial Legal Unit of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), and Rodrigo Bustos, he said that Carabineros staff were threatened, as he said. He would have told him he would become worse than his father when he fell"

The legal actions listed by INDH for the dangers that have been convicted of the child being under 15 years old, Contribute to the complaint about a complaint from the GOPE officers.

The situation allowed the Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, to teach investigated to set responsibilities.

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