They sell a blue oven for $ 3 million in Tokyo


Tokyo – A sharp tone that hit 278 kilogram (612 not) highlights on Saturday sat at a high level of 333.6 million yen ($ 3 million) during its time; First Division in 2019, after moving the famous Tsukiji market to Visit Tokyo

The appeal that won the handsome example, of endangered species, was more than doubled the highest price of the New Year 2013 auction.

The person who won the auction Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of Kiyomura Corp. and Zanmai Sushi food series. Kimura has won the annual ticket several times.

The Japanese television NHK Kimura showed her laughter and her. amazed at the high price of the world this year. But he said: "The tuna I bought is the best quality."

The auction prices were much larger than bustling; used for blue tuna. The regular price of the fish is 88 dollars per kilo (40 dollars per pound), but its cost is reaching more than 440 dollars per kilometer (200 dollars per pound) by the end of the year, in particular with the Oma specimens, northern Japan.

Last year's rup is the last installment in Tsukiji before the market was moved to an old lock in Tokyo Bay. It has occasionally been reversed as a result of concerns about soil contamination.

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