They show a river of 4,000 stars that are; runs close to Sun


Find researchers at Vienna University (Austria) & a star of star & star, a star that covers its & # 39; most of these southern hemisphere.

The stream is made up of at least 4,000 stars they have been moving together in the place from which they were created, for a billion years ago. "[La corriente] It's very big, and it's amazing about Sun, "said João Alves, co-author of the survey, and the results were published in the Astronomy and Astrophysics magazine.

"Most religious star caterpillars quickly spread after your birth, because they do not have enough star to create deep deep depth, or in other words, it is not Behave enough to keep them together, "said Stefan. Meingast, the main author of the article.

In their work, scientists used Gaia satellite data of the ESA; they continued to explore the three-dimensional movement of the stars and took immediate attention A group that was not already informed and not learning which has evolved as it is now.

A group of starred stars; which clearly showed the features that were being displayed; Expected from a group of starred starred stars but separated by the important range of the Beautiful Way. "As soon as we checked out this special set of stars in more detail, we knew that we found out what we were searching for: a structure of a depressing and contemporary nature, which extends hundreds of passes through one-thirds of the sky. It was fascinating to be part of a new search, "said Verena Fürnkranz, co-author and student of a schoolmaster at Vienna University.

Due to its proximity to Earth, the & # 39; help river & scientists to & # 39; draw the Black Way, the massive galaxy and Help you to find new exoplanets.

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