They show HIV and AIDS statistics in the country


They show the latest HIV and AIDS numbers in Paraguay. This is Monday in a conference held in the surgery in Avda's Laboratory Laboratory Healthcare Center. Venezuela and Tte. Drain.

Last year in our country, 1,395 people were diagnosed with HIV and there were 349 cases of AIDS, with the youngest the most likely.

Every year, on December 1, "World Day for the AIDS Fight" is marked, and in that context, Pronasida will maintain a conference to improve progress and the performance of the AIDS emergency. HIV This is Monday, November 26 at 07:30.

Out of the new studies in 2017, 71% responded to men and 29% were women, It was the largest population that affected the young people, aged 20 to 34 years.

In 2018, it is the logo of its "Celebration" Identification of your diagnosis, get a test for HIV. " On the 30th anniversary of this date, the aim is to raise awareness of the serology's population. Which allows to check the presence of antibodies in the blood. It is a basic test when it comes to blood and transport contributions.

HIV tests are essential for the extension of treatment and ensure people living with HIV are able to guide healthy life and produce. It is also essential to achieve 90-90-90 goals and to empower people to make a decision-making power to prevent HIV prevention, so as to protect themselves and their family.

HIV (human detox virus) is the ones that destroy the long-term protection system & # 39; AIDS (which finds out that not getting immunodeficiency syndrome) is the final stage of disease. It does not also be banned by HIV than you have AIDS. It is important to know the difference between HIV and being AIDS ill.

Being banned by HIV has been open to the virus, but you do not have to develop the disease. You can live without signs (unattended bearers), for a long time. Here, the security system is weakened by its virus that is; attacking it, and thus reducing its body's ability to protect itself against diseases or diseases called fair.

Although AIDS is a contract caused by HIV virus, Strongly attacks the security system and so on, it's a stop to work efficiently, and # 39; Return to the organism that is susceptible to rare ailments and diseases. Here are the symptoms of infections, the ones that are most commonly used; related to the progress of the disease to reduce the protection system.

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