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An analysis published by Nature magazine suggests that volcanoes are not found on the top of lions' rock deposits, but on "embossed reservoirs": sites in which strong crystalline rocks and leave small places where magma has been found.

Until now, scientists thought the volcanoes were declining due to their dramatic chambers because these exhibitions were not seen.

Matthew Jackson, a member of the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering at the Imperial School in London (England, United Kingdom), says that this product will bring scientists "again investigate how a breach occurs".

This new definition may oppose the small amount of crystals in the magma when it is declining. However, the experts explained that this material has a lower density and can be increased among those, melted and moved to other areas, where the breakdown occurs.

For Stephen Parks, professor at the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol and the co-author of the survey, this recent statement revealed that "softy rocks are formed within hot, largely crystalline cliffs" and that Magma passes most of the time there small holes inside rock, place in large deposits ".

So, that union of clocks would mean "fusion groups, which could then be scanned or made strange magma rooms," a & Completing Parks.

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