"They talk about their ignorance about the subject"


The increase in more than 6 thousand new cases of people with HIV in Chile in 2018 This is one of the recent public health issues that has been a matter of concern, and the Minister for Health has contributed to this, Emilio Santelices, who took the responsibility of the population to migrate and to use his / her; morning after pill.

On the same subject, in a conversation with Noticias Express de CNN The Chile, the geologist and researcher, Claudia Dides, he said that the Santelices say "they talk about his ignorance on his subject and make unscrupulous scientific evidence".

In addition, Dides explained the phrases as "ideological but also with genetic morality, this is the place behind this controversy. "

On the other hand, he ensured that HIV promotion had to be made largely due to the lack of public policies, "not just this government but also those of the past". "Today we have a number of bad initiatives and we have all our generations who did not stop HIV, "he said.

In the same way, he said that the main problem "is that the condom is not part of the sexual life of people" and expresses the need for rural implementation "worldly sex education, which we have not today, and from a young age".

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