They tell who they are Silein who affected Aylén Milla Society


Mile Mile He during his time at Copihue de Oro he has been pollorating with Chile. But, back then he did not want to tell the young person's identity and said they had been in an official relationship for about a half months.

This is Tuesday in the program Representatives confirmed that he was the famous surgeon Pablo Serrano, the University of Skye doctor who has produced different tasks for the national television showers.

Those who have been working with Serrano include the network panel member, Mariela Sotomayor, who immediately said that it is "very beautiful, very beautiful, Everyone is very fond of how beautiful it is. I told Aylén when I saw she had to take care of me, "she said.

Remember, a few days ago, Argentina said his new partner was "in the middle" of a showcase business, but not 100%.

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