They took five tons of marijuana in the Zárate Arm Largo


11/24/2018 – –

A tunnel of five tons of marijuana was captured when the Zarate Largo Arm bridge was operated, where two people from the Brazilian national were arrested.

The drug was carried in a truck that went to Buenos Aires de Rodríguez from Brazil. The goods, considered by the Buenos Aires Security Ministry at 65 million pesos, were found to be hiding among transport behaviors, and the driver was imprisoned, as well as a large carriage and a # 39; support.

The campaign called "Ghost Trucadh" was launched after calling on the complaints about drug trafficking and marketing 0800 and began to proceed, with a survey of the southern left marijuana on Brazil.

Minister of Area Security, Cristian Ritondo, advocated the actions of the interrogated police judge and police officers. "This approach is one other blow that we take in the fight against drug traffickers," said Ritondo.

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