They try to preserve my job: Sergio Ramos


A description of "laighe", the Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos announces Saturday that he wants to take legal action against the media which has shown that the prevailing control of drugs has suffered in 2017 with Spanish, announcing journalists who want to "create an image".

"I'm calm, it's really hard, and obvious I will take with my legal team the measures against these types of people trying to m & # 39; defraud the professional status and position, "he said. the captain of Real Madrid in a mixed zone this Saturday after the opposition against Eibar (3-0).

"In fifteen years (by post), I never refused to control the drugs, on the other side. I've never broke any status and I will spend 250-300 anti-drug control, for this I'm calm. But I'm also worried about people trying to m & destroy the image, "he said.


According to the documents received by this stage, Ramos was shown before the control of the face of a drug after the game between Real Madrid and Málaga on April 15, Spanish law breach

Gheàrr Sergio Ramos rules against the disagreement according to Football LeaksGheàrr Sergio Ramos rules against the disagreement according to Football Leaks

According to documents Jump to football, Real Madrid captain received uncommon control against drugs with a strong hold on a night of winning the European League in May 2017, before being released by UEFA, who considered his licensed drugs.

After the border, Controlling drug abuse showed that there was dexamethasone, a strong flag that was banned in a competition with the Anti-Drugs Agency (AMA) except for local administration, Mediapart reported on Friday, and # 39; supporting his information in secret documents.

Ramos He acknowledged that he would bring the product, but with internal injection, an argument that gave UEFA a certification, which sheltered his / her; case.


A video will be distributed to social networks; share ideas; Eibar's benefit to the Merengue team

Coral show of the VAR in the loss of Real MadridCoral show of the VAR in the loss of Real Madrid

"It's an antisocial as a result of my face's clavicular acromio in the shoulder, but the subject was closer," said Ramos.

"It's not the person who needs to find if there are mafias or not (behind those publications), there's only one way in fact, you can tell the story in a thousand ways , but it still lies ", spread, who explained he is aware of this information for a month and a half.

"Both yesterday and last month ago I have slept quietly "closed.


The successful defeat of a merengue team led by the culmination of the Santiago Solari coach

Eibar visits Real Madrid in the Spanish LeagueEibar visits Real Madrid in the Spanish League
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