They want prayers for children who have a serious illness – Parana


Milo Francisco Díaz Heinze she is three years old and according to her relatives, Sepsis-proofed, a disease called "blood poisoning". The child still lives in hospital in intensive care in the medical hospital and children of San Roque de Paraná.

"Four days ago he started with body shoots, and told us to tell him that he had something for him to eat something. They gave him drugs and ibuprofen." On Saturday, he continued with that drug but the shoes were not gone and he continued. We took him to Domagk hospital and gave him some of the robots, it seems that he was a worst because he got red spots and began to look like, "to remember his sister, Paula Franco, in communication with Elonce.

"We brought it to San Roque because he was really trying to breathe him, and then he went to hospital in private because they could not explain what he had, they were to see him until they were cured and put him in tubes, "he continued.

"It was confirmed that there was sepsis, which is a disease that attacks each group to remove animation, and today it is a most dangerous group. Doctors try to make it stable because many fever and blood pressure are very low, to further confirm where a virus is to lodge it. " Milo's sister explained.

The next 72 hours will be essential in the photograph that will affect the child.

Warning message by her sister

"I ask you from the heart to pray to him, to the last minute he was aware that he asked him to go home and today he & # 39; fight for that. He wants to return and we need it, we just want to be that happy child that was always ", the request of his sister, Paula Franco, through social networks.

"Tell us how many times we have given us to have a simple hybrid, and for recording, we do not have a bug nobody, I'm just publishing for raising awareness stay with what they want, want to find out more", he clarified the girl in her Facebook account.

"Milo is a cure today, he has a blood disease of 70%, it is not a simple allegiance, if we did not, we could lose it, he is a virus called & # 39 ; Sepsis is a blood, "he said. At that time he stressed: "We are really valuing everything that the doctors are doing and thank everyone it has been the time to pray for it. "

An sepsis it is an essential emergency that occurs when the body, in response to disease, Creating a reasonable response that causes a limited failure of other members that did not belong to the # 39; original disease, damage or multidisciplinary failure that, in a large number of cases, causes death. (Elonce)

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