They were arrested by Angel Djambazki in Sofia Airport


MEP Angel Djambazki was captured at Sofia Airport with a pistol. The event was held on November 19th.

He told NOVA that he had a secret self-defense weapon, but he forgot to get rid of his batch and the scanner was caught. The "Police of the Criminal" will be a & # 39; reaching the place.

The check has confirmed that Djambazki's licenses, but the protocol is still in storage. A few days later, returning to Sofia, returned his machine.

"I am a legal weapon for self-defense. It is standing safely when I have a reason to take it with me. In this case, on Sunday, I was in such a a place where there could be a downturn. I went to the airports and, without thinking, I put off the sack of a scanner and realized it was a problem. They followed their protocol. I passed papers and days after that, when I got home, I gave it, "said Djambazki, built by VMRO.

"This is a banal case in which a person is committed to forgetting his / her secret personal issue. It's left to store it, that's up," said VMRO leader Krasimir Karakachanov .

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