They were asked to arrest the financial guards


Two arrested detainees in Röszke were arrested and three criminal investigations were ordered by the Szeged District Court.

Progress against crime that is guilty of serious crime finances in relation to bribery and bribery crimes in business.

At the end of May, due to a complaint with the National Defense Service, the procurator's office was in a position; explore several places and then

There were 30 financial offenders who expressed their suspicion. Tuesday, 15 others were suspected.

According to the surveys so far, taxpayers belonging to the Tax and Conduct Director of the National Tax and Taxation Compensation Directors' Expenditure from foreigners exceeded the state boundaries between October 2017 and May 2018.

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According to the available data, the funders will co-ordinate their work

There were 4350 corruption cases.

In the case, 48 suspects were questioned, and 14 financial holders are currently arrested.

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