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Scientists at the Southwest Medical Center at the University of Texas in the United States examined the way in which some of their cancer disorders were and when they tried to get a while, b> It was the cells that made hair and those who did it. color.

According to Dr. Lu Le, head of Dermatology, finally told the hospital: "Although this project started to understand how some of the towers are created, we will learn why gray hair and identity identification & # 39 ; chill that continues to hair ".

The test started by removing the cells from the mice, which was slow, long & as they tried to remove one of the genera from the cells, the mice came white.

As a result, this was suggested by explanation of both shades and green hair.

With this result, Dr. Lu without "With this knowledge, we hope in the future to create a new context or to give the essential kernel to the follicles of hair to correct these important problems".

In terms of the study, the hair is reported to be different from follicle cells, through the progenitor cells in maitreas and that melanocytes are highlighted in the case; polygon.

Unlike the cell cells in the conflicts, the clan images and the ways in which they are going; Managing the parts of the hind legs and are unfamiliar.

Parental identity of matrix, which regulates growth and pigmentation, is partially by Creating a node that is the responsibility of the step-cycle factor (SCF) for follicular melanocytes.

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