They were scared to kill their mother and child after a 14 year old crime


On the morning of the 21st of November, the court at Oban Court brought the Giang to her; The first trial in a criminal case against the Nguyen Hong Khanh prosecutor, born in 1981 in the Binh community, the Thoai Son area, An Giang department, Rapists under 16 years. "

According to their prejudice, at the end of 2012, the Nguyen Thi T. family lives in Phu Binh Hamlet, Commune Binh, Thoai Son District, An Giang, about 300m from Nguyen Hong Khanh House. As a result of the new area, Mrs T.'s family do not have access to the electricity consumption until the Khanh house is used for electricity.

Nguyen Hong Khanh defended at court on 21/11 morning

Nguyen Hong Khanh defended at court on 21/11 morning

In 2013, after completing the ninth, N.T., (born on August 28, 1999, Mrs. T.'s child), on her bank; canal to sit on the phone to & # 39; waiting for the net; At this time, Nguyen Hong Khanh will keep the web and his / her; passing N.T. Down to the auxiliary antenna Khanh's disturbance cover has a water pipe cover. N.T. As soon as Khanh N.T. Falling down the waterway and its # 39; threatening, the fight against the mother and the child killed, then he will carrying out sexual activities.

Finished, Khanh continued to threaten to know who killed the mother and baby of a N.T. and cutting off the electricity by using electricity, and then to & # 39; go back.

On 20/8/2013, Khanh to the N.T. Sturdy words continue to be done by & # 39; keep sex with N.T.

On September 1, 2013, when Uisde T. was searching for her daughter, he is unsure to ask, N.T said that Khanh was in a position; speak. Later on, the N.T family Thoai Son general area hospital inspection found N. 18 months of age aged 03, so Ms T. told the Thoai Son police district.

After that, Khanh ran away on 29/01/2017 to return to the area. Following the investigation, confirmation, on 15 August 1818, police investigations were opposed to Khanh, the police of An Giang district were arrested, arrested at the moment.

According to the evaluation of the Institute of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Hong Khanh is the father of the focus of N.T.

At the end of the trial, Nguyen Hong Khanh tried trial trial Nguyen, 18 years imprisonment for "under 16" crime, He asked the legacy with a compensation of almost 34 million VND injuries.

Nguyen Hanh

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