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Don Graz, Nikolaus Habjan, was arrested for the first time for his & her; castle. On Thursday, the Akademietheater set up the first version of Werner Schwab's "Volksvernichtung".

09:42, 27 November 2018

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Nikolaus Habjan plays for her & # 39; The first time for a nailed castle © (c) Georg Soulek / Burgtheater

This year in February Werner Schwab, Enfant was very impressive of the Graz's literary perspective of the 1990s, which marked its 60th birthday. The Burgtheater honors the author, who died on New Year's Day; New 1994, with its special "Volksvernichtung or meine Leber ist sinnlos", which helped Schwab to perform at Kammerspiele Munich in 1991.

Nicholas Habjan to give his house as a director of his & First class on Thursday at the Akademietheater. On the platform Jakob Brossmann directed by Habjan and Manuela Linshalm the doll is sore Herrmann Worms Too hello building rooms, stand by the side Dorothee Hartinger as his mother Barbara Petrich such as Frau Grollfeuer and Sarah Viktoria Frick and Alexandra Henkel in dual positions.

A mother and son living in a poor hole, where they drown their lives. And so Herrmann, who was called to the artist and who had a serious problem when she was young, made ghosts about her mother's wild killing sounds. The workers' neighbors Mr Kovacic, "two generations of the German ancestral Austrians", are the wife and daughters of the peaceful family made of "tremendous new furniture", megnog and family. 39; Lament about his daughters, as he says in the Burgtheater's message. Together, they come to Mrs. Anniversary party. Grollfeuer, where "destruction of the population" is appear right.

The Burgtheater prompts: "Schwab's faecalic drama, which radical comedy includes, as the people kill , the ugly images of ugly people who say they themselves are in the print of suffering, violence, they themselves. "

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