They will change the kilogram definition for more than a hundred years


They also change the definitions of other units.

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Bratislava. Kilograms have changed forever. Friday scientists were genuinely voting for change in the IR international system.

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Once it is new, each unit will be determined according to the changing constants; explain everything in the text.

Kilogram is the ultimate unit of the system, which is determined on the basis of its important organization – alison platinum and magazine headline. The unit's definition has not changed for more than a hundred years.

The prototype kilogram is to replace its & # 39; definition based on the Planck plan, the number that is the basis of quantum mechanics.

The change was also important because the weight of the corresponding roller and its official cops had been; get involved in control measure. Scientists can not explain why the change occurred although the prototype pressures were removed from a special cover only, but sometimes.

The new definition will ensure that the Units International System is already sustainable.

"The financial reform of the financial system is a historic era," said Martin Milton, director of the International Office for Mechanan and Ceuman, in a press release.

Along with interpretation modification, the representatives of a foreign country also vote the decision on the current ampere electric unit, the thermodynamic kelvin temperature unit and the hub unit.

The definitions come true on May 20 of the next year.

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