They will check if the child's parents got dead in the laundry machine


The new evidence from the search indicates that couple to hide & # 39; Feels there are pregnancy and birth

A month ago a child died a minute after being born in the established department Parana. After finding & # 39; body inside the laundry machine, the researchers decided that it was the cause of their death that the jacket was tied, as it did not give it enough support.

What is still confirmed unless you agree only to one of the parents or if they respond to both. The accused person says that he was not aware of what happened but the child's mother says, at the same time, that his lover had gone away under that time.

The event was held on 9 November Florence Yedro, Aged 25, was unbalanced at home and was taken up by him Javier Weisheim to hospital. Since that day, her young woman is still over the hospital in a beautiful setting.

Florencia Yedro and Javier Weisheim are the main suspects

During the investigation, evidence of a plan appeared Florence and Javier to hide fertility and birth. However, when the girl's birthday began, she was finished in a bad state, and the child died, hidden in a laundry machine.

In an informative statement, Florence She told her that she had been infected with her partner and she was hiding her & her; women and she was born Distribution. It is, on the other hand, to ensure that he does not know the current position of delivery.

The mother says she has suffered sexual violence

The researchers were able to prove that they were not asked and that couple relatives were not aware. In addition, with the analysis of cell phone skills, they stated that they found the internet on how to do with home delivery.

For the time, the results of real science experiments will be expected to & # 39; confirm whether there are signs that the delivery has been promoted. Other scientific evidence that has been requested and is still awaiting DNA to confirm Distribution.

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